Benefits to Our Clients

The benefits of our approach and solutions we have developed for organisations includes; Consistency across the organisation in M&E processes and outputs Access to a team of proven professionals, led by a dedicated client manager that knows and understands your organization and its objectives E See more details

Technology Solution

Our technology solution is an easy to use secure web based application that supports the end-to-end management and tracking of performance and outcome based initiators. It provides a flexible approach to creating and managing indicators, key performance information is easy to access and displayed on See more details

Monitoring and Evaluation

The provision of a team of highly experienced professional independent monitors and evaluators who are ready to assist in monitoring your projects on a regular, on-going basis for the duration of the project. The definition of performance an outcome based indicators that underpin effective monitori See more details

Partner Organisations

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Strategic Alliance: Pajat Management Ltd (Finland)

Pajatman ( provide a unique mobile cloud based mapping solution called "PoiMaper". This enables the collection of data (surveyr data, images, POIs/routes) with affordable GPS enabled mobile devices. The collected data is sent over-the-air to a centrally hosted database and viewed over an Internet portal, visualized on diffferent map options such as Google Maps or Open Street Maps. The ability to offer this service provides real value added contribution to the services.

Strategic Alliance: Albanian Association of Marketing (AAM) (Albania)

The Albanian Association of Marketing (AAM) is an association of young professionals with a strong marketing and public administration background. Founded in 2010, AAM's main goal is to establish and foster good marketing practices in Albania. Its services relate to both public and private organisations, supporting them in the creation and delivery of solutions to build better relations with their customers and other stakeholders through efficient marketing and promotion techniques.  In some cases, this involves the development and promotion of standards relating to "best marketing practices" and "responsible marketing". In all this, consumer survey work lays the ground to understand consumer perceptions to find solutions how to best respond to their interests and concerns through aligning marketing with production practices. AAM is an action oriented organisation that applies its concepts functionally to diferent domains and sectors.

Strategic Alliance: TwoTomorrows Ltd (UK)

We also know that it is good practice if institutions undergo the process of awareness raising of the clientele and stakeholder relationships which includes the use of foundation money for charitable purposes. To this end we have formed a strategic alliance with Two Tomorrows Ltd ( who are market leaders in working with corporations on their CSR mandates and institutional change needs.

Strategic Alliance: M-Vector (Research and Consulting)

M-Vector (www.m-vector.comis an international company providing the whole range of services: from collection and analysis of market and social information to development and introduction of management decisions, trainings for top-managers and other company members on effective management and marketing.  They work with local and foreign commercial companies, international and donor organizations providing them with research, consulting, and training in Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Russia. The company has offices in Almaty (Kazakhstan), Bishkek and Osh (Kyrgyzstan), Dushanbe and Khudjand (Tajikistan) which makes it possible to implement research projects and collect data both quickly and effectively in these countries.

Strategic Alliance: Innovex Ltd (Tanzania)

We have also currently hold an MOU with a leading Eastern African consultancy company based in Dar es Salaam ( Principally an auditing service provider their established position with Governments and corporate ventures spans all the East African region.

Strategic Alliance: T&T Geomatics Ltd (USA and Botswana)

T&T Geomatics (www.t& specializes in geographic data mapping and land management tools, using cutting edge technologies to deliver consistent results that help organizations run more efficient, reduce overhead, and attain critical information. As a consultancy firm, they have the flexibility to offer various professional services and support though a single source, providing clients with the one-on-one communication needed to complete projects on time and within budget.

Strategic Alliance: FFF Associates (USA)

The goal of FFF Associates, Inc. ( is to provide top-notch, quality consulting and management services to our public and private clients world-wide. Our work has mostly been concentrated in agriculture and rural development, the environment and natural resources, and private sector development with a focus on international trade. During the last decade the Company has broadened its scope to encompass general agribusiness consulting, association development, and environmental conservation and sustainability.

Strategic Alliance: Sharon Consultative and Research Management (Nigeria)

Sharon Consultative and Research Management is a multi-disciplinary partnership with several Nigerian and overseas consultants drawn principally from the industry, academia and pool of retired civil servants. Established in 1997, the firm has grown rapidly, to handle international assignments including investment climate work in Nigeria for the World Bank. Key experts have worked on numerous areas including public sector reform, private sector development, investment promotion, M&E, institutional assessment and functional reviews for a variety of clients including Government and international donors suchg as UNDP and the EU.

Organisational Linkage: The NR Group (UK)

The Natural Resources Group, theNRgroup (, is an association of independent professionals who collaborate to undertake, and contribute expertise to, natural resource projects and activities. The group provides high quality solutions to today's natural resouces management problems in a cost effective and timely manner.