Benefits to Our Clients

The benefits of our approach and solutions we have developed for organisations includes; Consistency across the organisation in M&E processes and outputs Access to a team of proven professionals, led by a dedicated client manager that knows and understands your organization and its objectives E See more details

Technology Solution

Our technology solution is an easy to use secure web based application that supports the end-to-end management and tracking of performance and outcome based initiators. It provides a flexible approach to creating and managing indicators, key performance information is easy to access and displayed on See more details

Monitoring and Evaluation

The provision of a team of highly experienced professional independent monitors and evaluators who are ready to assist in monitoring your projects on a regular, on-going basis for the duration of the project. The definition of performance an outcome based indicators that underpin effective monitori See more details

Organisational and Beneficiary Benefits

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Value to the Beneficiary
The primary target for Moneval Solutions is the identified beneficiary whose quality of life, access to education, health facilities or institutional rights have been improved over what was before or perhaps without the project at all. The value we bring to the beneficiaries is the recognition that they are a central stakeholder to the process and whose voice and opinion matter. As with any activity they need to be properly identified, engaged with and opinion sought. It is obvious to us that without their inclusion and consultation the meaning that a project has will count for little. Our objective therefore is to ensure that they are met and they have an opportunity to raise their voice.

000003065832SmallValue to delivery organisations
Delivery organisations benefit by having their projects assessed by an independent, non-biased and highly skilled organisation. We work with our clients early on in the project life cycle to establish a robust and practical approach to monitoring and evaluation. Reviews are performed at regular intervals during the lifetime of a project to keep stakeholders up to date and more importantly to act as an early warning system by highlighting any areas that need attention or to help realign effort/expenditure with the project’s success criteria. Delivery organisations are better placed to make timely interventions and ensure their projects remain on track and deliver the expected value. This in turn helps delivery organisations establish a strong evidence based track record of successful delivery that results in measurable and sustainable benefit to the beneficiary community. A solid track record has proven to be a critical factor in securing future business and maintaining a strong identity in the market place, particularly with donor organisations. Key benefits to delivery organisations are:

  • Increased capacity for monitoring and evaluation through highly skilled and dedicated monitoring professionals
  • Align project delivery with their desired outcomes
  • Mentoring and monitoring across the project lifecycle;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Improved project and programme performance and the ability to compare this across projects and programmes through scoring of selected variables such as type or region
  • Improve project management and execution
  • Structured supervision and monitoring of projects
  • Increased transparency and accountability both internally and externally
  • Establish a strong track record of successful delivery that results in measurable and sustainable benefit to the beneficiary community
  • Enhanced industry profile as a high performing delivery organisation

Value to Donor Organisations
Donor organisations gain comfort from knowing their projects are on track, on budget and will deliver the expected value to the beneficiary. From a strategic perspective our combined monitoring, evaluation and technology services provide a unique mechanism for assessing the performance of delivery organisations that helps donor organisation identify and select high performing delivery organisations for future projects.

  • Confidence that funds are in ‘safe hands’
  • Increase transparency and accountability internally as well as externally
  • Selection of high performing organisations through a process of being able to
  • comparison of results (based on scores)

Our solutions aims to increase efficiency and bring value for money whichever level of monitoring solution is adopted as diagrammatically shown reducing in all cases risk of programme reputation and promotion of economic value.

Many Monitoring and Evaluation Systems on the ground have failed to produce quality data leading to integrity, validity and incompleteness of collected information on which to make decisions. Many NGOs/CBOs and third sector organisations for example have this problem and when combined with weak and inconclusive national reporting systems which have often collapsed Government's often turn to Donor collected data and information. Moneval is able to build upon these existing circumstances and provide solutions for its Clients that generate meaningful results and objective opinion whilst helping to create a databank of knowledge accessible by project staff, funding institutions and the general public.