Benefits to Our Clients

The benefits of our approach and solutions we have developed for organisations includes; Consistency across the organisation in M&E processes and outputs Access to a team of proven professionals, led by a dedicated client manager that knows and understands your organization and its objectives E See more details

Technology Solution

Our technology solution is an easy to use secure web based application that supports the end-to-end management and tracking of performance and outcome based initiators. It provides a flexible approach to creating and managing indicators, key performance information is easy to access and displayed on See more details

Monitoring and Evaluation

The provision of a team of highly experienced professional independent monitors and evaluators who are ready to assist in monitoring your projects on a regular, on-going basis for the duration of the project. The definition of performance an outcome based indicators that underpin effective monitori See more details

About Moneval Solutions

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About Moneval Solutions
Joseph Marton
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Moneval Solutions Ltd was set up by Directors, each with extensive experience covering the fields of monitoring, evaluation, economic development, policy formulation, project, programme delivery and technology solutions.

The experience gained from working for national and international institutions, bodies and corporate organisations in the field and at headquarters led them to strive to develop an approach that would improve the performance of project and programme implementation. After two years of conceptualisation the result was an integrated project and programme delivery solution that captures results and scores awarded on the basis of regular monitoring and evaluation activities.

Moneval Solutions Ltd directors have worked in over 60 countries covering Africa, Asia, Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean as well as the Balkans, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. We have over fifteen expert monitoring and evaluation professionals who are economists, project designers, social development and other sector specialists all with an interest and passion, for improved performance, increased impact, transparency and responsible social and economic investment.