Benefits to Our Clients

The benefits of our approach and solutions we have developed for organisations includes; Consistency across the organisation in M&E processes and outputs Access to a team of proven professionals, led by a dedicated client manager that knows and understands your organization and its objectives E See more details

Technology Solution

Our technology solution is an easy to use secure web based application that supports the end-to-end management and tracking of performance and outcome based initiators. It provides a flexible approach to creating and managing indicators, key performance information is easy to access and displayed on See more details

Monitoring and Evaluation

The provision of a team of highly experienced professional independent monitors and evaluators who are ready to assist in monitoring your projects on a regular, on-going basis for the duration of the project. The definition of performance an outcome based indicators that underpin effective monitori See more details

Moneval Solutions

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Moneval Solutions Ltd provide an independent project monitoring and evaluation service to a wide range of organisations that include development agencies, NGOs, corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes and charities*. Our integrated approach brings stakeholders and project participants together in an innovative and professional manner for greater organisational impact with a focus on delivering measurable and sustainable value to the beneficiary and cost savings to the implementing organisations.

We have worked in over 60 countries combined, world wide covering Africa, Asia, Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean as well as the Balkan States, Central Asia and Europe. Our expert monitors have helped numerous donor and delivery organisations by providing an independent and non biased view of a projects health and its potential to delivering ongoing and measureable value. Our findings help organisations make timely interventions that keep projects on track and ensure they deliver the expected value. It also helps donor organisations to strategically allocate funds to high performance development organisations which brings significant value to both the donor and the beneficiary. This is complemented by our web based application which supports the end-to-end management and tracking of user defined performance indicators.

Our external monitoring function in tandem with the application provides considerably more credibility to existing operations and makes the conclusions more robust. Our service supports the principle of results oriented implementation.

We also increasingly respond to monitoring and evaluating humanitarian and emergency situations for INGOs and other agencies.

We also offer services in economic development, policy analysis and formulation, strategy development, studies, programme and project design and formulation with our skill set covering numerous technical areas including rural development, SME Development, agro-industry and agro-business, business planning, institutional strengthening and change, natural resource development (e.g. agriculture, fisheries, livestock, forestry).

Please visit Our Service Overview page for further details of the services we provide.

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New Partnerships:

Moneval Solutions has partnerships with specialist organisations worldwide who enhance and compliment the service we provide. We work closely with these partners to deliver services where specific skills, language or local presence are required. These partnerships are managed through reciprocal agreements that ensure a high-quality, seamless service extending our ability to provide more thorough and complete services to our clients.  We are delighted that this collaboration extends now to include Absolute Options LLC from the US and Pajat Management Ltd from Finland.

Absolute Options (AO) LLC ( AO was created in 2011 by a team of highly experienced development professionals, with a recognized reputation for technical rigor and innovation. AO principal staff and associated technical experts have decades of combined experience in the Middle East, South and Central Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa. Areas of expertise include.
  • Business Development Services (BDS)
  • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development
  • Value Chain Analysis and Strengthening
  • Trade Facilitation and Development
  • Access to Capital and Investment
  • Climate Analysis
  • Agriculture and Agribusiness Development
Absolute Options supports individuals and communities around the world to equitably engage in new markets, new technologies and changing political realities. Absolute Options is committed to improving the lives and livelihoods of people everywhere. Our integrated approaches mobilize private and public sector actors to create economic opportunities, while improving the knowledge, tools and capacity necessary for people to benefit equitably from market development and improved governance.

Pajat Management Ltd provide a unique mobile cloud based mapping solution called "PoiMapper". PoiMapper enables the collection of data (survey data, images, POI/routes) with affordable GPS enabled devices. The collected data is sent over-the-air to a centrally hosted database and viewed over an Internet portal and is visualized on different map options (Google Maps/Open Street Maps). The ability to offer this service provides real value added contribution to our services. Web link:


Moneval have just signed two new contracts of services. The first is with ACDI VOCA of Washington DC for global services in M&E and will continue until the end of 2014.  The second contract is with EBRD in London and revolves around training Bank staff in monitoring (4 courses a year will be delivered until the end of 2015 with an option until end 2016)


Moneval Solutions Ltd - Professionals for Improved Performance
Registered in England, Number 06721966.

VAT registered: 992 1401 24

UN Global Market Registration Number: 195866


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